6 Of The Best Things To Do In Cairns

Who doesn’t want to explore the world?

Obviously, we all want to travel the whole world once in a lifetime. We all see picturesque waterfalls, lakes, ocean with visible wildlife on the surface, beautiful beaches with children playing around in the beautiful tropical weather in movies and traveling blogs and wonder if we’ll ever go to such a place. The answer is, yes you can. If you’re in Australia or planning to visit there, you must visit the city of Cairns – the city of the barrier reef. Cairns is in Queensland, Australia. There are so many things to do. But here, we will discuss the Best things to do in Cairns Australia.

Cairns is one of the most favorite destinations of tourists visiting Australia. From one of the Seven Wonders of the World i.e. The coral reefs to the most peaceful Cape tribulation waterfalls, there is so much that will amaze your senses.

Cairns top things to do

You must already be wondering what is so special about this city, you need not worry, we will have a virtual tour of this city through this article. There are so many top things to do in Cairns but this list is just a head start. Let’s dive into this beautiful city.

1. Want to see a wonder of the world?  Visit the Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef in Cairns, Australia is the world’s largest coral reef system and thus is one of the seven wonders of the world. This system is made up of 3000 coral reefs, 300 coral cays, and 600 continental islands with a diverse marine life in this place. If  You are in Australia and haven’t been to the barrier reef, then you have missed out on so much.

Great Barrier Reef

Many travel agencies will give you a full-day tour to barrier reefs that includes

  • Sea diving
  • Snorkel
  • Cultural storytelling
  • Beautiful marine water life view.

The cruises offer a wide range of on-board activities. You can go to the island hopping and see undiscovered islands and have an island all to yourself.

2. Atherton tablelands waterfalls, your way to nature’s heaven

Surrounded by the beautiful rainforest, Atherton tablelands waterfalls is a circuit of 12 and more undiscovered waterfalls. This place is a delight for travel explorers and nature’s way of telling how beautiful this world can be. This beautiful place is located south of Cairns and is mentioned vividly in the list of best things to do in Cairns.

Atherton tablelands waterfalls

There are so many things to do in Atherton Queensland, let’s start with the dairy industry that is prevalent in this town for centuries. You can go dairy shopping in the markets and get yourself all types of cheese from centuries-old dairy farmers. The town is surrounded by creeks and rivers and you’ll stumble upon many waterfalls on your way through the wood. Find a peaceful spot near a river, camp there and this can be the best things to do in Atherton Queensland.

Coffee plantations are a big attraction of this region and probably comes in as the best things to do in Atherton Tablelands. Get high on caffeine and roam through beautiful plantations, tasting all types of coffee and culture. And more to your foodie side is the traditional tasty seafood famous for its unique type of cooking. There is so much more once you enter this beautiful town and the best things to do in Atherton Tablelands keep on increasing.


3. Take out the party monster in your party through the night in cairns

Night Party in Cairns

Being a party freak, this may be on the top of your list of Cairns top things to do. The nightlife of Cairns is full of night bars that vary from traditional beer bars to no sound DJ’s. You can pick a day out of your vacation calendar, book yourself a room with a pool and a bar with daylight dance and a beautiful lunch in the woods then order your dinner fast before the tables have become the dancing floor.  The dance in local clubs is a mix of cultural dance and the modern world but you are promised a night full of an amazing experience. Do try the indigenously made beer.


4. Untouched by humans, Cape tribulation, your escape from the world

Cape tribulation

Cross Daintree river and enter the Daintree rainforest, one of the natural sites untouched by humans and away from all the chaos of human life. You can reach here by a short adventurous trek. This land lies on the outstretch of the city and the wonders ahead make it one of the must in beast things to do in Cairns, Queensland.

Once you’ve crossed the trek you will be in the forest with the mangrove trees and water bodies around you. This path leads you to many paths leading to different beaches within this rainforest but swimming in Cape Tribulation as the beaches have a high population of crocodiles and jellyfishes. Cape tribulation waterfalls are also one of the places to visit.


5. Explore the Cairns Rainforest

Cairns Rainforest

If you’re one of those people who gets an adrenaline rush from the adventure sport then the sports in Cairns rainforest will interest you. Bungee jump while you watch the canopy of this amazing beautiful rainforest. Boat rides inside the forest over the roots of mangroves and seeing the forest life so closely will give you goosebumps and is one of the Top things to do in Cairns Australia.

The flora and fauna of this rainforest are world-renowned. From beautiful birds to vicious snakes to gigantic elephants, there is so much that you will find very fascinating. Once you have completed the boat ride, you can camp at the beach, sing songs, make food.

Yes, yes… you are imagining the right picture, it really looks that beautiful!!!


6. Enjoy the view from Kuranda’s beautiful railway bridge

Kuranda is a small town near Cairns now for its three markets that have the best souvenirs you can take and gifts to your friends and family. The train journey starts from Cairns and is a 3-hour trip. The journey takes you to scenic views of the lush dense forest. The train has a 10-minute stoppage to see the amazing Barron waterfalls, which are a must-visit. The journey proceeds through 15 hand-carved tunnels and many waterfalls to the amazing Barron George. Go through the centuries-old carriages and explore the culture it has.

The list is long but it will always be less. The beauty of Cairns is just so mesmerizing you can’t miss anything, you can spend all your holidays here.

With all the tourist destinations, cairns have become an economic hub in Queensland. With the rising economy, the population has also surged thus there is no shortage of workers. Many factors are supporting epic employment Cairns. The hotel industry is on the rise as more and more tourists come to this city to spend their vacation. Adventure sports are on the rise in this city as more and more people have developed interests in these sports.

The food industry is on the go with world-famous coffee and seafood making the highlights. You can’t miss the pleasure of living by the beach, sipping coffee, and enjoying a delightful meal. Numerous people now prefer taking a room in a hotel or any accommodation near the beach or the rainforest. During the season, these all hotels are filled up then the tourists prefer resorts with a poolside.

Handicraft and local markets are a big tourist attraction, you can take handmade souvenirs from the local markets, purchase traditional clothes, and have photoshoot sessions to show off in your friend circle. The markets comprise of cheese shops with a variety of high-quality cheese products and dishes. Local markets offer depth tours into the villages and you can get all the history and present of their culture. The locals are cooperative and welcoming to tourists there and you will receive a very warm welcome in this city. The flora and fauna are a must for exploring which you should not miss.


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